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The Dirty Defenders are amazing and have done everything they promised. I was very hesitant about paying any company in hopes to getting some posts removed and I am very glad I used The Dirty Defenders. I had contacted a few lawyers and none could guarantee anything and they were also much more expensive. I would definitely recommend this company!

Vero S.

Orlando, FL claims to have a process for victims to request removal of posts. After 2 years and 4 unsuccessful attempts to have the post about me removed, I learned of The Dirty Defenders. I called for a free consultation. They are honest and easy to talk to. They keep their promises. My post was removed in less than 5 days. It is such a relief to have my life back.


Lincoln, NE

These guys are the REAL DEAL!! My name is Blake and my girlfriend of 5 yrs, who I put through nursing school, was hired on her first hospital interview as an ER Nurse, but after a back ground discoverd a picture of her in a bikini on THE DIRTY followed by childish and vile comments from a jealous ex-boyfriend , the job offer was retracted. She was heartbroke and I was furious. Im a welder. And she worked so hard for us. I contacted an attorney to see what we could do legally to remove the post and the few attorneys that knew anything about what we were up against wanted at minimum $4,000 to take the case. After days of calling around , I ran across an ad online for THE DIRTY DEFENDERS. I was hesitant at first, but after I made the call and explained my situation, a representative named J.D. assured me that he could remove the post after 5 days for a fraction of the cost compared to what I was being told by the other attorneys. It was hard to believe but I said yes and with in minutes I had a confermation e-mail from a lady named Lauren saying that they were on the job. 4 days later the post was gone. I couldnt believe it. I checked from every smart phone and computer I could get my hands on. It was gone. My girlfriend was offer a position on her very next interview and we are waiting to celebrate her first paycheck next week. The hardest part of all of this was convencing her that the hurt feelings and embarrassment from the first back ground check would not be revisited. Thanks again J.D. and Lauren. Now its my turn for college.

Blake H. LeJune

New Orleans, LA

The Dirty Defenders are a life savers. They removed my post within 24 hours of my request, I was skeptical at first. I called about a month ago and talked to J.D. he was very helpful and reassuring about the process. I still had my doubts because the company is new. One month later, just 4 days ago I called for the second time and J.D. answered again, he was able to answer every question I had for him and both times talked for at least a half hour. I wanted the post removed so bad I decided to go through with it. had ruined my life for the last 5 months. There is no greater feeling then hitting refresh on your browser where the post use to be and seeing the words “no results found” after I received the confirmation email that it had been removed. I feel like I can move on with life now, it is an amazing feeling and I would highly recommend them if you are in the same situation.

Mike D.

Halifax, NS, Canada

Extremely nice, helpful and understanding. This came as a pleasant surprise in a moment of pure personal life chaos. They were not pushy with sales and supported me in doing my research to see what other competitors’ prices were. I am so thankful for this service. I would never wish a post on The Dirty on my worst enemy (even though they clearly wished it upon me), but if you do happen to end up in the line of fire, I definitely recommend The Dirty Defenders LLC.


Vancouver, ON, Canada

The DIRTY DEFENDERS have done exactly as they had promised for me. I recently found myself on the dirty last Memorial Day long weekend this was in poor taste with disgusting and sickening another person had lost against my self in a lawsuit and had used the Dirty in a most horrific way. I cannot even describe the feeling of disgust that this could even happen.

I did do some research and tried calling a few places I ended up talking with the people at the DIrty Defenders they assured me that there method was the best I agreed on the quick service pricing and they made a SUPER effort !!!!!! Even on the long weekend I was very happy and grateful they were able to remove the post in short order my family and my wife and myself are grateful to the staff and all those involved at DIRTY DEFENDERS. The sickening feeling quickly has left our family and the assurances of no re-post controls they guarantee and have are greatly appreciated and needed. There are sick people in this world that use the DIRTY in the most sickest of ways.

I can verify all the advertisements and efforts to remove the post are exactly as they advertised

Thanks again to the staff at DIRTY DEFENDERS!
Thanks for giving my family back control of our family name and reputation.


Fountain Hills, AZ

In December 2013, I was posted on a horrific website called the dirty. It is a despicable corner of the internet that no one with any class would want to venture. Anyone can post anything they want about anyone ANONYMOUSLY leaving no repercussions whatsoever to the original poster or to anyone who comments on the post.

Whoever posted me clearly has issues of their to be worrying about ruining my life. Needless to say it ruined my Christmas and was ruining my whole self esteem altogether. It was also ruining my business. The poster made sure put my entire name as well in the title so as to completely out me and ruin my business.

Terrible things were said. Blatant lies and misinformation were said in the comments as well. It was a nightmare and I felt like a social pariah.

Then one day, with my spirits particularly down, I decided to google ‘dirty removal’ for the hell of it. Low and behold, I found ‘THE DIRTY DEFENDERS LLP’.

At first I thought it was too good to be true. This was not there when I was first posted in December. This couldn’t be for real. Could it? I immediately called the number with excitement and curiosity. Being careful not to get my hopes up too much, so as not to be let down too hard. It turns out that they have only recently opened and have already helped countless people.

I spoke with JD. He explained to me how they work. He was not pushy, and was very patient with my questions. They are much more affordable than competitors and they do things differently. Furthermore, if I am ever unfortunate enough to be posted on the horrific site again, they promised me lifetime removal guarantee at no extra cost.

I chose the 5 day removal option. It was a tuesday when I called. By friday evening it had been removed. The link now dead.

They also notify google and get it right off of the search engine. that takes a little longer due to the fact that google has so many things to remove all the time, but if you were to click the link found when googled, it goes to a dead end as well.

It was like a dream come true finding these guys. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ‘THE DIRTY DEFENDERS LLP’

Sensual S.

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

I was posted on the terrible site. The was all false but still incredibly hurtful and damaging to my career and reputation. After years of requesting to have it removed nothing ever did happen. It Was DEVASTATING.. I tried to put it behind me but it showed it’s ugly head once more. A person I knew was posted and than in the comments I was mentioned full name and everything.

I immediately said enough is enough I have to find a way to end this CYBER BULLYING. Lawyers can’t do to much, police won’t do a dam# thing, the site won’t stop it. I started looking for hackers or anything. No luck, or were scams or cost as much as $10,000. Than I came across THE DIRTY DEFENDERS. I was sceptical but they had good reviews and I needed help. I gave it a shot and was the BEST THING I COULD HAVE DONE. I choose the 24hour option and it was down, both posts in a matter of 6 hours. They were so nice,helpful and understanding. Most of all affordable . I’ve never written a review before but these guys were so amazing I had too write this one! I will never be able to thank them enough for what they did for me

Thank you Dirtydefenders!!!!!!! You saved my life

Amie M.

Calgary, AB, Canada

I’m a Private Investigator in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I was very skeptical of the promise that this company made, which was to essentially erase my existence from They not only got my page deleted but removed the link on google, and all the day after I paid. The sales team was friendly and had answers for all the annoying questions I had, to confirm validity. I looked up their business name and they are on the corporate registry. They’re legitimate and I fully recommend their services.

Chris F.

Edmonton, AB, Canada

I was really hesitant to use The Dirty Defenders because of how young of a company it is and how few reviews there are online but I was desperate and willing to try anything. I am so glad that I called them. Their customer service is amazing, they did exactly what they said they would. I had been trying to get a post on The Dirty taken down for years, I didn’t think there was anything I could do. I paid for a five day removal and the post was gone in two. If you’re debating whether or not to use their services, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Matt B.

Manhattan, NY

My business of over 32 years was a victim of a terrible blog website that was publishing lies about me and my company, that were initiated by a competitor. My requests to have these false reportings removed were ignored by the arrogant owner of the blogger website, who makes his money by negatively exploiting others.

I went to the Dirty Defenders LLC and paid them to intervene on my behalf. WOW! The Dirty Defenders had my page and the false posts all removed in 24 hours. The Dirty Defenders LLC did absolutely everything that they promised to do, and they even called and e-mailed me afterward to verify that I was satisfied.

I am very satisfied with how The Dirty Defenders LLC operates. They are a “top tier” company in every aspect. By comparison, I found their rate to be much-lower and competitively better than any and all of the other companies that indicate that they provide the same service that The Dirty Defenders LLC does.

I am a former law enforcement officer, a certified mediator and dispute-resolution specialist and what The Dirty Defenders LLC did for me was far beyond and in apogee of what I expected.

For those of you who need this type of service, when you make your decision…you have only one clear choice. To call and use The Dirty Defenders LLC. They do what they promise and they sure get results!

R. LaPietra

Founder–CEO of Career Images

I was skeptical at first bc I had contacted many extremely pricey reputation consultants and even two lawyers and no one really could help me. this company approached me and I figured at this point I had nothing to lose. To my dismay they were a GODSEND. Since 2009 I have been tormented on and tried numerous avenues to have the slanderous post taken down. It was hurting my career and my reputation. I’ve had friends, family , and coworkers come across the site.

Everytime I thought the bulling was over another post would appear. I was ready to legally change my name bc was the first search result when my name was googled. I spoke with dirty defenders on fri and by tues afternoon IT WAS GONE!!! not only are they fairly priced they did exactly what they promised. I was not even charged until the post was completely gone. I don’t know how to thank you guys enough. I feel like the world has been lifted off my shoulders and I can move on with my life and put that part of it behind me. So once again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

J H.

Houston, TX

I was really hesitant to use The Dirty Defenders because of how young of a company it is and how few reviews there are online but I was desperate and willing to try anything. I am so glad that I called them. Their customer service is amazing, they did exactly what they said they would. I had been trying to get a post on The Dirty taken down for years, I didn’t think there was anything I could do. I paid for a five day removal and the post was gone in two. If you’re debating whether or not to use their services, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Matt B.

Manhattan, NY

These guys saved my reputation and my job! They removed my post from in less than a week for a super fair price. Then they got it removed from google. This was causing so many problems with my family, job, relationship. THANK GOD FOR YOU GUYS! Lifesavers! If you are on call them!

Mitchell T.

Chula Vista, CA

I would recommend using this company as they are cheap, fast and efficient!! Also very understanding and caring! Respond almost immediately to your request. I would defiantly consider using this company rather then others that are going to scam you!

Amber L.

Nisku, AB, Canada