What is your guarantee?

Online Defamation Defenders guarantees:

  • We will attempt to remove the content from within 10-21 business days from the start date of our agreement.
  • If we are unsuccessful within that time period you will incur no fee.
  • Your payment will not be released to us unless your post and pictures have been totally removed from the site.
  • We charge one flat rate fee for removal with no hidden costs.

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What is

As with other sites aiming to damage the reputation of businesses of individuals, postings on often contain personal details, such as full names and addresses of businesses. is an extremely highly ranked site and content is often easily picked up by other sites, making it difficult to fully remove a negative review.

Why is it damaging to be posted on is an extremely highly ranked site (23,104 glabally and 6,766 in the US Alexa rankings) and content is often easily picked up by other sites, making it difficult to fully remove a negative review.

How can Online Defamation Defenders help?

Online Defamation Defenders offers complete and total removals from Online Defamation Defenders is able to not only able to remove the links from Google, but also completely remove the post from the actual site itself. This is the gold standard for removal of negative content online. The negative content will be completely removed from every aspect of the internet! For more information and to answer any additional questions you may have, please contact us for a free consultation. Worried about a posting about your services? Online Defamation Defenders offers a complete removal of negative and damaging content. The website is quite high on US Alexa ratings, and can be potentially damaging. So if you want to remove reviews from, contact us for competent services and reasonable rates.

Reviews & Testimonials


- Not Cheap But Got Me Results

“They did exactly what they said they would do. Their service isn’t cheap, but few things are that actually deliver. If you want something done, and done in a decently quick way, call these people. Suzette was a big help. Thank you.”

- Highly Recommend This Company

“I hired this company to remove negative content removed about me from Google. The article that was appearing in my search results was really messing up my life. Amana helped me restore my social life by getting the bad post deleted from the internet. I would recommend this company without any hesitation. ”


Forever Grateful -

“I thought I was doomed to living with this forever. I contacted Online Defamation Defenders and within 24 hours, Suzette emailed me. The first time I spoke with her it felt almost too good to be true…she could have this removed from the internet?? She was so kind and understanding.”

Should Have Reached Out Sooner -

“I originally contacted ODD with a really complicated case and a lot of sketpticism. I signed up for multiple guaranteed removals to clean up my online reputation. I had the pleasure of working with Amana! She kept me posted and provided reporting to me throughout the campaign. The results were fantastic. Within a few weeks all of the negatives were gone. My greatest regret is that I didn’t reach out to them sooner.”

How We Work

Online Defamation Defenders.

Why Choose Us?

We won’t charge you until your post is removed.

We charge a flat fee for most removals regardless of how much work is required to get a post removed.

We do complete post removal NOT link suppression.

We use Stripe merchant services for a secure payment portal.

We remove from many sites such as,,,,,,, and many more.

A+ Rating and Accredited by the BBB.

Is posting mugshots of someone else online illegal?

Unfortunately, posting mugshots online is not illegal because they are property of public record.

Why can’t I just ask to remove negative content about me?

These kinds of websites often charge removal fees, which is highly unethical. Also, mugshot sites fall into a grey area, making it more difficult to argue their removal.

Will results rank high on Google search results?

Yes, however, in recent years Google has taken steps towards decreasing the visibility of mugshots, altering their search algorithms to make sure such pictures don’t appear on the first page of search results when searched by name.

Can I sue for libel or defamation?

No, a defamed party may not hold and other user-generated content websites liable for defamatory online content because it receives broad protection under a piece of Internet legislation titled “The Communications Decency Act of 1996.

Can I hold the original poster of the negative content liable?

Technically, yes, you can but it is difficult.’s verification procedures complicate the identification process, as they allow for anonymous pseudonyms and a basic registration process. This means, you may never know who posted the content about you.

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