Pissed Consumer Removals

Pissed Consumer Can Ruin Your Business Reputation

If you are worried about negative, fake or defamatory reviews on Pissed Consumer, you’ve come to the right place.

Pissed Consumer is a site on which anyone can post literally any sort of negative review about your business, potentially causing you to lose thousands or even millions of dollars in sales. This site is very popular and even one negative post has the potential to affect your bottom line.

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Fortunately, we are here to help.  Through a variety of legal steps (including – as a last resort – de-indexing), we assist our business customers with obtaining removal of negative posts that get allow them to continue business as usual.  The important thing to note is that Pissed Consumer is operated by sophisticated individuals, and is one of the more difficult and expensive sites to remove from.  That means we cannot offer a guarantee removal or warrant against future re-posting.

How Can Online Defamation Defenders De-Index Pissed Consumer Links from Google:

First, our attorneys file a lawsuit against the original author of the report for defamation, business disparagement, false light, or any other claim that is legally appropriate.

If the post is written anonymously and goes uncontested we seek a default judgment and a court order declaring the offending report to be false and defamatory. We then present the court order to Google which results in it being de-listed from their search results.

After de-listing, when someone searches your business name, in addition to the usual search results, the following notice, or a similar variation, will appear in place of the de-listed link: In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed one (1) result from this page.

Although Ripoff Report is the most prominent site in this space, this strategy also works with sites such as Complaints Board, Pissed Consumer, and Scam.com.

Reviews & Testimonials


- Not Cheap But Got Me Results

“They did exactly what they said they would do. Their service isn’t cheap, but few things are that actually deliver. If you want something done, and done in a decently quick way, call these people. Suzette was a big help. Thank you.”

- Highly Recommend This Company

“I hired this company to remove negative content removed about me from Google. The article that was appearing in my search results was really messing up my life. Amana helped me restore my social life by getting the bad post deleted from the internet. I would recommend this company without any hesitation. ”


Forever Grateful -

“I thought I was doomed to living with this forever. I contacted Online Defamation Defenders and within 24 hours, Suzette emailed me. The first time I spoke with her it felt almost too good to be true…she could have this removed from the internet?? She was so kind and understanding.”

Should Have Reached Out Sooner -

“I originally contacted ODD with a really complicated case and a lot of sketpticism. I signed up for multiple guaranteed removals to clean up my online reputation. I had the pleasure of working with Amana! She kept me posted and provided reporting to me throughout the campaign. The results were fantastic. Within a few weeks all of the negatives were gone. My greatest regret is that I didn’t reach out to them sooner.”

How We Work

Online Defamation Defenders.

Why Choose Us?

We won’t charge you until your post is removed.

We charge a flat fee for most removals regardless of how much work is required to get a post removed.

We do complete post removal NOT link suppression.

We use Stripe merchant services for a secure payment portal.

We remove from many sites such as thedirty.com, shesahomewrecker.com, cheaterland.com, liarsandcheaters.com, scam.com, pissedconsumer.com, homewreckersexposed.com, exposedhomewreckers.com, and many more.

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