How We Work

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Removal Process

Removing information from the internet is a nearly impossible task. The main reason for this is that the websites are protected from liability for the negative, crazy or outright false statements posted by third parties.

A common thing we hear is that once something is posted online, it’s online forever. This is not always the case. Online Defamation Defenders specializes in helping people fight to get online content they want removed and removed forever. Typically, we can remove pictures, comments, entire posts, not only from third-party gossip and defamation sites, but also from search engines.

Hiring an Attorney

Based on our work and extensive research, Online Defamation Defenders works with some of the leading online defamation attorneys in the U.S. and Canada to represent us and our customers. Most of the time, once an attorney gets involved, we can quickly and effectively remove content from any of the sites listed on our website. The reason many of our clients use our services as opposed to going directly to a law firm is our pricing is typically much less. And if a posting has damaged your reputation beyond repair and you want to file a claim for defamation of character, we can help facilitate that as well. Based on our extremely high success rate in resolving online defamation issues, with the help of our online defamation lawyers this is typically our primary approach.


When videos or photos are your problem, we may use what’s called a DMCA notice. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act or DMCA is a law that states any website which knowingly allows copyrighted content on their website can be held legally responsible for the dissemination of that content. In the case of videos or photos, the person who owns the media must consent to post it online; otherwise, the website hosting the copyrighted material is responsible for damages. In most cases, Online Defamation Defenders can help you prove ownership or obtain ownership of your copyrighted media and ensure that it is removed.


Some sites offer a proprietary arbitration program where either an arbitrator or someone working on behalf of their website decides if the information posted is inaccurate, unlawful or should be removed for one reason or another. In certain cases, the website will require the original poster of the defamatory information to prove their claims. During this process, the website or arbitrator will reach out to the original poster based on the contact information they provided to attain this information. Since most individuals who post libel and slander online want to remain anonymous, many do not respond to the request or give false contact information and are unable to be reached. In these cases, since the defamer does not defend their claims, the victim is awarded a default win and the information is removed.

As a matter of full disclosure, Online Defamation Defenders is not privy to the arbitration process used by certain websites, as this information is kept proprietary and is not disclosed to us. With that being said, we want our customers to know if the content is not removed, our company will not receive any compensation whatsoever for the case you have hired us for and you will receive a full refund.