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Similar to attack websites like, is another online forum for posters to submit content on people who have wronged them or their loved ones. This form of communication can ruin someone’s reputation within minutes – and – negative or defamatory posts found on can become viral in an instant on social media.

Although claims it does not endorse publishing misleading or defamatory information, the privacy policy does not stop users from posting false content that can adversely affect someone’s online reputation.

Unfortunately, is not illegal. In actuality, attack websites are protected under Section 230 of The Community Decency Act (CDA). Section 230 of the CDA was enacted, in part, to “preserve the vibrant and competitive free market that presently exists for the Internet.” That means, getting the attack website or original poster to remove a defamatory post about you can be a downright battle.

What’s worse, when someone searches your name on Google or other search engine, posts from can appear at the top of your Google search results, which will further harm your reputation.

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How Can Ruin Reputations

Imagine spending years building up your resume, reputation and image, then having it smeared unfairly in an attack posted across the internet.

For example, an attack post found on can be similar to this one:

John Doe is a liar and a cheat. He is my manager at 123 Company and wrongfully tried to fire me after I caught him cheating on his wife with his assistant. He is one of the lowest class people I know and makes everyone’s life, including my own, miserable at work. I hope he gets what’s coming to him.

Now imagine if the poster included a picture of the manager. Not only does it add insult to injury, it also identifies the manager, which in turn can be quickly shared throughout social media. There is also no way of knowing whether the information posted by the user is true, and regardless of the facts, the post has already done its damage.

If you are someone who has been falsely accused on and want to have the post about you removed, the website will only honor a valid court order asking for removal. The process to get this court order can take 3-6 months and cost upwards of $30,000. will also remove content with a notarized letter from the original poster stating the following information:

  • Verifying information including email address, IP and device type
  • The date and time the false information was posted
  • Full name, address, email and signature of the poster
  • The following statement: “I declare under penalty of perjury that the
    information provided in this request is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.”
  • A notary stamp

Can I Uncover the Author of a Post ?

In a word. Yes. Is it easy? No. If you are working through the proper channels to get a post removed from and are seeking the identity of the author who made the original post, you must first properly serve with a valid subpoena. Since the website is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, the subpoena must be issued from a Nevada court having jurisdiction over in Clark Country, Nevada, unless it is issued from a United States Federal District Court.

Next, you must direct the subpoena to the proper party and describe the exact information in which you are requesting. According to the legal policy, you must also be able to produce evidence in the form of a declaration that the submission posted by the author whose identity you seek contains provably false statements of fact.

It’s important to note: your request for subpoena must also fall into the Court of Nevada’s statute of limitations; for defamation cases this is two years.

It’s important to note: your request for subpoena must also fall into the Court of Nevada’s statute of limitations; for defamation cases this is two years.

Once these steps have been taken, will provide a 14 day waiting period to give an author the opportunity to reply to the subpoena in court.

This certainly seems like a lot of work and undue stress just to find out who made a defamatory statement about you online.

What If The Author Is Anonymous ?

A lot of times, the author of a post remains anonymous, making it more difficult to uncover their identity. When it comes to dealing with anonymous users, the courts are still ironing out their rulings.

For example, in the case of Yelp, Inc. v. Hadeed Carpet Cleaning, seven anonymous Yelp reviewers wrote negative reviews about the carpet cleaning service. The owner, Mr. Hadeed, served a subpoena seeking the identity of the users, making claims that he couldn’t match the reviews with his customer database, and therefore believed that the reviewers were made up customers. Hadeed further alleged that the reviews were defamatory because they falsely stated that Hadeed provided poor service to each reviewer.
Eventually, the Courts ruled in Mr. Hadeed’s favor, finding that he provided a legitimate basis for his belief that the reviews were defamatory, because he had no record of providing services to these posters. If the reviewer is not in fact a customer, then the review cannot be an opinion; the review is based on a false statement of fact, held the court. The subpoena was therefore upheld, and Yelp was required to comply with it.

Why is There so Much Red Tape?

The First Amendment protects the right to free speech. In most cases, a person who posts something anonymously on has the right to remain anonymous unless you obtain a subpoena to try and uncover the author’s identity. That’s why a subpoena is necessary, and you must demonstrate that you have satisfied the applicable legal standards for unmasking an anonymous author

Reach out to

Online Defamation Defenders

Even if you do find out who posted the attack content about you, it can take some convincing for that person to ask to remove the post; if you’re lucky enough that they came to their senses.

It may be time to turn to a reputable online reputation management company to assist you.

Online Defamation Defenders offers complete and total removals from Online Defamation Defenders is able to not only remove the links from Google, but also completely remove the post from the website itself. This is the GOLD standard for removal of negative content online.

Online Defamation Defenders guarantees:

  • your credit card will never be charged unless the post and pictures have been totally removed from the site.
  • if the content cannot be removed within that time period, no fees will incur.
  • one flat rate fee for removal with no hidden costs.

We will do our best to completely remove the negative content from every aspect of the internet so that you can begin repairing your reputation and move on with life.

Why are sites like still around?, a site where average people can post damaging, embarrassing content about others, remains protected under the Communications Decency Act, which gives legal shelter to sites that post third-party created content.

Can I just email to remove the content?

Unfortunately, if you try to contact to have them remove content, they will only honor a valid court order asking for removal. The process to get this court order can take 3-6 months and cost a lot of money.

Will anyone be able to see my GossipBlaze post through search engines after it has been removed?

No one will be able to see your post on or in any search engine after it has been removed from the site. Ondefdef guarantees full removal of all content from, not just link suppression.

What is the difference between link suppression and link removal?

Link suppression hides your defamatory post or embarrassing picture so far back in search results that it is unlikely that anyone will see them. Link removal means that the full content of your post, including text and photos, will be permanently removed from both the defamatory website and all search results. No one will ever see your post again.

Who can post on

Anyone can post as long as they have an account with the platform. Typically the poster is someone who has been genuinely wronged, or someone who is out to tarnish the image of a business or individual.

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