There are a few things you need to understand before purchasing our services. Although we guarantee complete removal from the site on which the content was originally posted, there are some limitations.

Can You Guarantee Removal Of All Negative Content About Me On The Internet?

Unfortunately, no. Although we guarantee that we will not charge your credit card prior to getting the content on the link you provide removed, we cannot and do not guarantee that you will not be posted on a site OTHER than the one you provide to us. The internet is a big place, and it’s always evolving; new sites pop-up every day. There’s a low barrier to entry and any pimply-faced teenager with a computer can easily put up a new “gripe” site and scrape content from existing ones. Unless and until we create a comprehensive technological tool to scour the web and remove all negative content about you, we cannot guarantee or warrant that the original poster will refrain from posting horrible things about you on other sites.

Can You Guarantee Removal Of The Content On ALL Sites On The Internet?

Again, the answer is unfortunately, no. We cannot and do not guarantee that the original content has not been “scraped” by another site that we do not deal with. What that means is when the original content posted on a site like, for example, thedirty.com, is live and available, another site—unconnected with thedirty.com—is able to “scrape” or copy that content onto its own site without the permission, authorization or consent of thedirty.com. Although it is frowned upon, scraping is perfectly legal unless the scraped content is somehow protected, like when the content is copyrighted, or the scraper uses some sort of illegal method to scrape the content.

Third, we cannot and do not guarantee that someone has not already taken a screenshot of the original post and re-posted on Facebook, Twitter or sites OTHER than the original site you were posted on. That is why we recommend protecting your Netutation™ by following the steps here, and also by removing negative content as quickly as you can. When negative posts are allowed to linger, they become harder to remove form the search engines and are more likely to end up being scraped and displayed on other sites.

Fourth, we have no control over the actions of the person who originally posted you on the site. Since we are not a law firm, and we have no power to legally restrain or prevent the original poster from posting false, negative comments or defamatory content about you on the same site in the future or at any time on other sites.

Fifth, much to our chagrin, we do not control Google, Bing, Yahoo! or the other search engines. We do submit changes to Google, but sometimes, in spite of our efforts, Google starts displaying the links to the original post again. If you click the link, the content is still removed, but for some reason Google still displays the link. We do not know why this happens; but when it does, just contact us and we will take the same steps to have the link removed again.

Remove negative links and content: does that mean you push it down on Google search results?
No, we do NOT suppress your negative content. Online Defamation Defenders permanently removes your content online. Typically, we can remove entire posts, not only from third-party gossip and defamation sites, but also from Google.
How long will it take before I see results?
We will attempt to have the negative content removed from both the website in question and Google search results within 10-21 business days from the start of our agreement with you.
I've hired you to remove negative content. What are the next steps?
Online Defamation Defenders specializes in helping people fight to get online content they want removed and removed forever. Typically, we can remove pictures, comments, entire posts, not only from third-party gossip and defamation sites, but also from search engines. Now that you have signed up for our services, we will immediately begin working to remove or de-index your negative content.
What if you are unable to remove the negative content? Do I still have to pay?
We offer a guarantee that your content will be fully removed within 10-21 business days or there will be no charge to you at all. Online Defamation Defenders is the only firm that guarantees your credit card will not be charged until your post has been confirmed as removed. There are no hidden fees with our post removal service, you pay one flat rate.
Someone made a defamatory comment about me online that is untrue. Is this grounds for a court ordered removal?
Online Defamation Defenders works with some of the leading online defamation attorneys in the U.S. and Canada to represent us and our customers. We can gather critical evidence to support your legal efforts and provide a full picture of an attack on your online reputation. In fact, many times, once an attorney gets involved, we can quickly and effectively remove content from any of the sites listed on our website. We can also provide more cost-effective solutions than going directly to a law firm.
Is there a way to find out who posted the negative content about me?
While we have been successful in obtaining this information for our customers, we can’t offer any guarantee. In some cases, we can help you obtain the Internet Protocol (IP) address and other contact information for the person who submitted your post. Because every situation is different, it is best to call for a free consultation.
I have been mentioned in a negative news article. It appears on the first page of Google, but it’s not included in your list of removal sites. What do I do?
First impressions are everything.  All it takes is one negative article to ruin your reputation. However, even if we can’t remove your negative article, we have a solution.  Our Online Reputation Management experts understand how Google works. We can help you create positive content that highlights your personal story and achievements. We will then promote this positive content, so that people see this, not your negative news article.  Learn more about our Online Reputation Management services here.
My business just received a bad review on Google Reviews. How can you help?

A high star rating and positive reviews means more people will choose your business, not your competitors. The good news is that we offer comprehensive software and services that will improve your ratings on Google Reviews, TripAdvisor, RateMDs, Facebook Reviews and many more reviews websites.  Contact us to learn more about our Reviews Management services.

I’m very concerned about my presence on the web and want to know immediately if and when something negative about me appears. What do I do?
The best strategy to avoid having a negative online reputation is to be proactive and closely monitor your presence on the web.  Online Defamation Defenders can give you a comprehensive platform to track and monitor how you appear online. Our comprehensive Reputation Monitoring service means you will know before any of your colleagues, friends or family if something negative or untrue about you appears online. Contact us to learn more about our Reputation Monitoring service.